Financial Harmony

IDA Webinar Resource List:

  1. For budgeting:

    1. You Need a Budget:

    2. Honeydue:

    3. Mint:

  2. For corporate connections:

    1. Vegan Leaders in Corporate Management: LinkedIn group: Website:

  3. For career consideration:

    1. 80,000 Hours:

  4. To learn more about your credit score:

    1. Credit Karma:

    2. Financial Samurai:

  5. Vegan/Conscious Investing:

    1. Alicia Robb, Vegan Financial Advisor:

    2. Vegan ETF, Claire Smith:

    3. Vegan Venture Capital Funds:

      1. Kale United:

      2. Stray Dog Capital:

  6. Bonus site: Use it for things you want but don’t need right now. I recommend setting up deal alerts, which notify you when they go on a quality sale! You can also look up past sale prices for something you want to buy to make sure you’re getting a good deal!