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…from avoidance and shame to peace and empowerment

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You may be here because…

  • Financial stress is negatively impacting your life

  • You tend to avoid your finances as much as possible

  • You’d like to bring mindfulness to your finances, but you have no idea how (or if it’s even possible)

  • You have a vision for your life and the difference you’d like to make, but your finances hold you back

  • Fearful, anxious, controlling, nervous, worried, defensive, and/or argumentative describe your relationship to money

  • You’re not sure where all your money is going and/or why you keep making the same money mistakes

  • You don’t know how to tackle your debt/bad credit

  • You handle things, but there’s no real plan or direction

  • You’ve been wanting support in this area but have been holding off and/or avoiding it

If any or all of these are true for you — know that you’re not alone.

You’re also in the right place to turn it around. A better future is possible, and my Make Peace With Your Finances group program may be your path. In an immersive group setting, here’s what you’ll create:


Your New Money Mindset

Transform your inner relationship to money. No more avoidance, shame, and chaos. Instead, find self-understanding, peace, & prosperity!

Your Unique Vision

Create your unique vision for financial prosperity. Learn everything you need to make a plan, and get all the support you need to execute it.

Your Personal Finances

In a supportive setting, get grounded in your finances and get answers to all the questions you were too nervous — or didn’t know — to ask.


Help is on the way.

Over 12 weeks, I provide you customized coaching and tailored tools to overcome your money-related barriers. You will leave with greater freedom, more power, and the tools to execute a plan that resonates with your deepest values. Each participant will benefit from the mutual support of other participants who are on a shared journey. And you will be left feeling:

Peaceful; grounded; confident; courageous; energized; and alive!

How would that be?!

This program is available worldwide, as our live weekly calls will take place via Zoom video conferencing software. Come as you are, take the coaching, do the work, and see your life transform!

There are just five spots. So, if you think this might be the right fit for you, then schedule your complimentary Make Peace With Your Finances Consultation today!

You will get:

  • 12, weekly 75-minute group coaching sessions LIVE with Adam

  • Three, one-hour individual coaching sessions with Adam (a $750 value)

  • Lifetime access to all my materials

  • Membership in our community of committed changemakers

Note: I’m committed to making my programs accessible to people experiencing financial hardship from a variety of communities, particularly the underrepresented and marginalized. I highly encourage ALL to apply.

So, if you think this program is the right fit for you, then let’s talk.


Who is Adam?

Adam is a Certified Mediator, a former Tax Attorney and Financial Advisor, and now a Money & Relationship Coach who is passionate about making a difference in peoples’ lives.