The Top 5 Tips for Overcoming Fear About Money in Your Relationship

The Top 5 Tips for Overcoming Fear About Money in Your Relationship

Let’s be honest: money can be a scary topic in relationships...but it doesn’t have to be! What can you do when that fear strikes?

First, let’s explore some of the ways in which fear can arise, and then we’ll talk about how you can overcome it.

Here are the most common ways I see my clients’ fears manifest around money and their relationships:

  • I’m afraid of fighting with you

  • I’m afraid of being judged about my finances (i.e. debt) or choices (i.e. spending/saving)

  • I’m afraid to say what I really want, that we won’t be on the same page

  • I’m afraid of the financial uncertainty I’m facing

  • I’m afraid of numbers, money, finance period

Which of these apply to you?

Now, do you want to be able to talk to your partner? Use these Top 5 Tips, and you will make it happen:

  1. Courage: summon it. The beauty of courage is that it can exist alongside fear.

  2. Write: get a piece of paper or a Google Doc, and let out everything that has been rumbling around in your brain. Before you know it, you will feel calmer and may stumble upon an organized roadmap for a talk with your partner.

  3. Breathe: do what you know helps you stay grounded, both before and during the chat. It often helps to lovingly connect with your partner before any difficult conversation.

  4. Envision: imagine how you’d want to be in that conversation, i.e. understanding, brave, loving. Think about the kind of relationship you really want; then, see how you could make this conversation a big step in that direction.

  5. Ask: don’t think too much -- just send the text or otherwise ask to have a chat!

Keep these tips in mind, and in no time, you and your partner will be taking your financial power back and having your money work for you!

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