I invite you to look over these results my clients have achieved and imagine what this might look and feel like in your life:

To us, money is just a means to an end. At the same time, it can't be ignored. Usually we keep myself in the dark about my own finances, with every swipe of our card being a coin toss between "payment authorized" and "card declined."

Working with Adam forced us to not only start paying attention, but to strategize. Adam is equally honest and compassionate, meaning he can help you address your challenges directly without ever feeling judged. Adam comes from a place of genuine care for his clients, and he has the intelligence (emotional and logical) needed to follow through with effective strategies.

— Alex G. and Mary F., Web Developers

Our journey began when we realized we were not communicating with each other, which was causing us to not be on the same page financially. This financial strain was putting our overall quality of life and marriage at risk. After much consideration, we chose AHK Coaching because of Adam’s great background in finance and passion he has for us to succeed.

In the following months into our journey, we were able to better communicate with each other using various effective communication tools. We were able to create a budget and stick to it with added support. We went from not knowing where our hard-earned money was going to paying off $26,000 in debt by the time our contract came to end. As of today, we are working to pay off all debt, minus mortgage, by June of 2019, which will bring it to a total of $65,000 of total debt paid off in a little over a year. We have become so passionate in succeeding in our finances that we coordinated a Financial Peace University Class for our community and recruited 26 members.

Personal success includes; Mirna gaining self confidence, becoming more involved in the family finances, and re-starting her business. While Michael has had a more positive attitude which has given him more energy to do more projects around the house. Mirna is now referring to Michael as her best friend again, and feels completely supported. Their relationship has really improved so much and has gotten back to what it once was. Our marriage has been restored and continues to improve.     

Michael and Mirna, San Pablo, California

Before working with Adam, my finances were disorganized and I had no real budgeting process to speak of. As time went on, organizing my finances became an overwhelming project and my response was to be stressed and procrastinate even more.

As my coach, Adam helped me set goals for myself and break down the budgeting process into simple and easily achievable smaller steps, which relieved my stress and made me accountable. Additionally, Adam gave me the confidence and tools to have important conversations with my partner about the impact of finances on our relationship.

As a result, I have organized my budget, cut unnecessary waste, and extended my savings. I also now have open and positive communication with my partner about financial issues, which allows us to work together and plan for the future without unnecessary stress.

— Hogan S., Attorney